"Le Kiosque" d'Alexandra Pianelli

25. Januar | 20:00

Filmvorstellung des Ciné-Club vom Centre Marc Bloch zusammen mit dem Sputnik Kino.

Fim: Le Kiosque von Alexandra Pianelli
Filmdauer: 76 Minuten
Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln
Anschließende Diskussion mit der Regisseurin

Synopsis: "The Kiosk" is a humorous video diary shot by visual artist Alexandra Pianelli, on her Smartphone. Stories unravel from the newsstand in a chic Paris neighbourhood, meanwhile the printed press is in crisis and her childhood fantasy of keeping shop turns out to be a little more complicated than she expected…

Biographie der Regisseurin:
Alexandra Pianelli is graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. The subjects of her focused, small-scale documentaries are her own day jobs; through her movies, she expresses her interest in the notions of work and play while also earning a living. She compares her working process with a Swiss army knife, approaching her projects head on with versatility and resilience. Her DIY style creates stories that bring viewers straight inside the messy moments constituting life in the real world. The Kiosk zooms into her mother's small newspaper stand, in which Pianelli works. Shot from a head-mounted camera, the film welcomes the viewer inside the humble Paris shop to find companionship with the regulars who continue to support print news in an increasingly digital era.

Sputnik Kino
Höfe am Südstern
Hasenheide 54 oder Körtestraße 15-17
10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
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