Simon Munzert: Measuring Citizen Preferences for Online Hate Speech Regulation

23. Mai | 17:00

Seminar series in Computational Social Science (CSS) – at Centre Marc Bloch Berlin 

Session 2:

Simon Munzert (Hertie School, Berlin): Measuring Citizen Preferences for Online Hate Speech Regulation

To openly express one’s views is a fundamental right in any liberal democracy. However, in the age of social media, the questions of what is allowed to say and how public discourse should be regulated are ever more contested. We present a pre-registered study to analyse citizens’ preferences for online hate speech regulation. We devise synthetic hate speech posts mimicking actual cases of hate speech. Respondents are asked to judge the posts with regards to perceived offensiveness and hatefulness as well as to actions that should be taken by the platform providers and other consequences the sender of hate speech should face. The experiment is embedded in nationally representative online panels in the US and Germany, which allows us to analyse context- as well as individual-level determinants for online hate speech regulation preferences.

About the speaker:

Simon Munzert  – @simonsaysnothin –

Simon Munzert is an assistant professor of data science and public policy at the Hertie School in Berlin and part of the Hertie School Data Science Lab. His research focuses on public opinion, attitude formation in the digital age, and the use of online data in social research. Through the use of experimental methods, online data and innovative measurement strategies his work seeks to study how people both act and think, politically. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Konstanz in 2015.

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