New maritime species named after German sociologist Tanja Bogusz

October 24, 2018

In 2012, sociologist Tanja Bogusz was envolved as an ethnographer in a huge international biodiversity expedition in at the coastal zone of Madang, Papua New Guinea organized by taxonomists of the Parisian Museum for natural history (MNHN). The taxonomists where specialized in maritime biodiversity and invertebrates. Now Alberto Cecalupo and Ivan Perugia have presented in a recently published paper a new species that has been discovered during the expedition: The tiny seasnake has the name of the German sociologist: Joculator boguszae (Cecalupo & Perugia 2018).

Tanja Bogusz was by the time of the expedition, researcher at Humboldt University Berlin and is now visiting professor for sociology at Kassel University, Germany. Her ethnography of the PNG-expedition was an important inspiration for what she calls "sociological experimentalism" on which she has just published (Bogusz 2018). Joculator Boguszae is thus a vivid (and appealing) example for STS research aiming for successful collaborations between the natural and the social sciences in time of ecological crisis and biodiversity loss.



Experimentalismus und Soziologie. Von der Krisen- zur Erfahrungswissenschaft. Frankfurt am Main & New York: Campus.

Cecalupo A. & Perugia I. (2018). New species of Cerithiopsidae (Gastropoda: Triphoroidea) from Papua New Guinea (Pacific Ocean). Visaya, suppl. 11: 1-187.


Tanja Bogusz