The ecological activism of the younger generation

03 mai | 18h00

Umwelt, Klima, Energie: Gesellschaften und ihre ökologischen Herausforderungen

Fridays for future, Extinction Rebellion, End Fossil Occupy. New social movements have emerged, mobilizing young generations around ecological and climate change issues. These movements have invented new forms of protest – like school strikes – or developed civil disobedience actions in new ways. They raise new intergenerational questions and present new types of demands, not only on expected political measures, but also on the kind of knowledge that should be taught at schools or universities and on the ways in which social change should be negotiated.

In cooperation with Arte, the event will start with a preview of a 30 minutes documentary film: “Der Widerstand der "Letzten Generation"?” by Beate Schwartz (Spiegel TV, 2023).


  • Tom Chevalier (CNRS, SciencesPo, Rennes)
  • Anaëlle Vergonjeanne (CERI, SciencesPo, Paris).
  • Gregor Hagedorn (Naturkundemuseum, Berlin, Biologist and cofounder of Scientists for future)
  • Darya Sotoodeh (activist and spokesperson, Fridays For Future)

Moderator : Marius Bickhardt (Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)

The public will be invited to a reception following this discussion which will be held in English.

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-ecological-activism-of-the-younger-generation-french-embassy-in-berlin-tickets-617578783767



Frédéric Graber
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Ambassade de France en Allemagne, ARTE


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