New episode of our Radio Marc Bloch Summer Series - "Cars and Political Struggles" (4/4): #12 - Dialogue with the researcher Jamieson Webster

04 septembre 

In the final episode of our series "Cars and political struggles", Yasmin Afshar talked to the psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster about the psychic and affective aspects of the current polarizations around of cars.  

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, the libidinal investment in objects is particular to each individual; there is, however, in the human gesture of dominating technical tools the urge to overcome environmental hostility, death, unhappiness – even if these attempts only achieves artial satisfaction and end up being ridiculous. It doesn't seem to be any different with the car. In this conversation,  Jamieson Webster talked about representations of car culture in the light of psychoanalytic theory, its relationship to desire, masculinity and destructiveness.

Jamieson Webster is psychoanalyst in New York City and teaches in the psychoanalytic concentration in the Philosophy department at The New School for Social Research.

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