Alice Cesbron | Doctorante associée

État, normes et conflits politiques
Centre Marc Bloch, Friedrichstraße 191, D-10117 Berlin
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Institution principale : Université de Paris / Université de Greifswald | Discipline : Linguistique |


Alice Cesbron est doctorante en cotutelle de thèse en l'Université de Paris et l'Université de Greifswald depuis décembre 2019 et bénéficie d'une bourse Bogislaw de l'université de Greifswald. Après une année de classe préparatoire littéraire et deux licences en anglais, allemand (Université de Nantes) et sciences du langage (Université Lyon 2), elle est diplômée du master LLTS (langage, langues, textes et sociétés) en sciences du langage de l'Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle.


Bourse Bogislaw

Sujet de recherche

Analyse du discours - Etudes de genre - Humanités digitales - Linguistique de corpus

Résumé de la thèse

Social media has indisputably become a place of debate and social change over the last few years when it comes to feminism and heteronormativity. Based on a corpus of Twitter and Instagram data in English, French and German, my research focuses on multimodal discourses about heterosexuality and more specifically on metadiscourses that provide commentary on internet content that displays stereotypical heterosexuality and/or heteronormativity. Using the tools of multimodal critical discourse analysis, such as revealing implicit ideologies at play and using visual analysis, the goal of my project is to look at how certain communities of social media users question and redefine heterosexuality and heteronormativity and how this can give us insight into current heterosexual norms and how the evolution of heteronormativity is perceived.

Institution de la thèse
Université de Paris / Universität Greifswald
Directeur de thèse
Patricia von Münchow / Theresa Heyd
Organisation de manifestations

#GenderChallenge - Exploring Gender Identities Online, Université de Greifswald, 18-20 Juillet 2021

Are the straights ok? A multimodal linhuistic analysis of the resignification of heterosexuality through metadiscourse on Twitter and Instagram.

My research focuses on multimodal discourses on Twitter and Instagram that criticize and question heterosexuality. More specifically my goal is to analyze the discursive strategies used to decenter heterosexuality and heteronormativity as well as to evaluate the influence social media platforms have on these strategies. Using the tools of multimodal critical discourse analysis, such as revealing implicit ideologies at play and using visual analysis I ultimately want to understand the representations of heterosexuality these discourses try to convey as well as the functions they fulfill.