Dr. Telmo Menezes Chercheur

Tél: 01 49 54 20 32
Fax: 01 49 54 21 09

Institution principale
Sciences de l'information et de la communication

Dates de séjour : du 01.05.2013 à 30.09.2019

I have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Coimbra, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Before, I worked as a software engineer. I developed a software module as part of a larger project for NASA. Later I worked for a mobile search startup company in Cambridge, UK. During my PhD work I was immersed in a research group focused on complexity sciences and the intersection between computational intelligence and other sciences, namely Biology, Sociology and History. During that time I developed a new framework that allows for embedded evolution in the context of multi-agent simulations. Shortly after finishing my PhD, I moved to Paris, to work as a researcher for the CNRS. There I have worked in an inter-disciplinary environment, exploring ideas as artificial social scientists, the intersection between computer science and digital humanities and knowledge hyper-graphs. At the Centre Marc Bloch, I am continuing this line of research, and expanding my collaborations.

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Sujet de recherche

Digital Humanities; Knowledge Graphs; Social Network Analysis; Computational Sociology; Natural Language Processing; Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the social sciences.

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