The Centre Marc Bloch is dedicated to research in the field of the humanities and social sciences. German and French research cultures are able to meet at the Centre and evolve with a view to European and global perspectives. In the Centre's study groups and research projects, interdisciplinary collaboration develops through shared work on transverse topics. Furthermore, lectures, workshops and colloquia are organised with participants from Germany, France and many other countries. The Centre Marc Bloch has been successful in attracting external funding projects that enable long-term cooperative research in the Franco-German and European context.

One of the focal points of the Centre Marc Bloch is to promote the development of young researchers. Graduate students pursue their work over periods lasting from a few months to several years and are assigned a mentor who supports their research within the framework of a study group. Ongoing projects are presented and discussed in regularly scheduled research seminars. The Centre is committed to integrating its French doctoral students and researchers in the Berlin research landscape and helps German students to develop contacts in France. Special programmes are also organised which focus on the graduate students' needs, such as doctoral student conferences, workshops and summer seminars.

Research and the development of promising scholars is arranged at the Centre Marc Bloch within study groups that are divided according to three research axes.