Since 2015, the Centre Marc Bloch has the legal identity of an association of public utility under German law, a so-called eingetragener Verein. This Verein consolidates pre-existing arrangements and agreements with the CNRS and the MEAE (Joint Unit of French Research Institutes Abroad [UMIFRE no 14 CNRS - MEAE] and a CNRS Service and Research Unit [UAR 3130]). The Members’ Assembly brings together the French and German CMB funding bodies as well as various scientific institutions from both nations, thus making the Centre Marc Bloch an outright Franco-German institution, whose bi-national nature is sui generis in the European world of research.

The Centre Marc Bloch e.V.’s objective is to deepen bilateral scientific relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic in the field of Humanities and the social sciences. In particular the Verein fosters exchange between German and French scientific traditions and cultures. Distinguished by a high degree of innovation, creativity, and synergy, these exchanges assume the concrete form of sustainable and integrated international cooperation. The Verein’s field of activity is not strictly limited to research on France and Germany, but tends toward a permanent exchange of knowledge and experience on a European and global scale, particularly with Central and Eastern European countries, as well as with the Mediterranean region. In the aforementioned fields, the Verein promotes an interdisciplinary research practice that encapsulates all Humanities and social sciences.

The Centre Marc Bloch e.V.’s statutes can be downloaded here.

Furthermore, the CMB was recognized as an An Institut of the Humboldt Universität in Berlin in March 2011.


Rules of Procedure

The Centre Marc Bloch’s rules of procedure can be downloaded here.