Digital Humanities

Contact: Camille Roth

The Centre Marc Bloch’s Humanités Numériques team brings together an inter-disciplinary group of researchers at the interface between the social sciences and the hard sciences (mathematics, computer science, digital modelling) that is developing a research program in digital humanities at the confluence of digitized humanities (research on digitized corpora and social simulation, social computing) and digital humanities, including the Internet and its communities.

One of the team’s core focus areas is the study of the socio-semantic dynamics of various social systems, including those that constitute digital public space, employing methods equally borrowed from social network analysis, the sociology of usages, and the sociology of public space, or also the study of systems, corpus analysis, and the automatic processing of languages, and in a broader sense artificial intelligence.

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This Research Pole organizes bimonthly internal meetings aimed at discussing “quali-quantitative” approaches. The point of these meetings is to present the work-in-progress carried out within the Pole’s framework and also to offer methodological workshops for training in digital approach (database generation, corpus construction, processing, and so on.). It is thus a forum for dialogue capable of generating new qualitative-quantitative research questions within the CMB.