Doctoral candidates

PhD Students

Supervision and training of PhD students represent a major part of CMB's activities.

You have several possibilities to become a PhD student member at the Centre Marc Bloch:

By obtaining an association at the CMB, the PhD student will be supervised by a tutor responsible for advising him/her and facilitating his/her integration into Berlin university life. PhD students can choose their tutors from among CMB researchers. The application form for an affiliation is available here.

Medium and long-term fellowships may be awarded to CMB PhD students in order to complete their dissertation or toward developing post-doctoral projects.

Lastly, the CMB publishes calls for tender for doctoral contracts at regular intervals.

Calls for applications for scholarships and doctoral contracts are, where appropriate, available on the following page.

The PhD students’ rights and obligations at the CMB are outlined in the following documents:

Queries and applications for a short-term fellowship or an affiliation should be addressed to the following e-mail address:

bewerbung  ( at )