Doctoral Training

The Five Tools in Doctoral Training at the Centre Marc Bloch

During their stay at the CMB, PhD students will benefit from the presence of a tutor. Tutoring in the form of a sharing of experiences is a personalised support in learning to become a professional researcher. It affords PhD students constructive elements to respond to their problems and questions of the moment. Tutoring is not a substitute for dissertation management, however. The joint signature on a “Tutoring Charter” formalizes the reciprocal commitment involved in tutoring.

Research Training
PhD students have access to a broad spectrum of seminars that offer opportunities to share know-how in research and its evaluation. The fortnightly research seminars are complemented by seminars organized by the CMB’s Research Poles. Method workshops as well as “doctoral days” offer opportunities to complete training. In addition, PhD students have access to the teaching and training at Berlin’s universities. At the culmination of their stay, the CMB can issue a certificate in doctoral training, in which all the activities carried out at the CMB are summarised.

Career-oriented Training    
The CMB regularly offers workshops to consolidate indispensable skills to find a job beyond the confines of research and academia. It particularly draws on the experience of former members of the CMB and on the expertise of professional training bodies in the humanities and social sciences.

Organisation of events
Doctoral students are invited to participate in the organisation of the seminars of their research focus. They also have the opportunity to organise scientific events on their research topics, as well as a major interdisciplinary scientific event as part of the "Junges Forum" programme. Franco-German cooperation, intensified cooperation with Berlin, French and German institutions, exchanges between doctoral students and interdisciplinary dialogue are encouraged.

Involvement in Day-to-Day Research
The CMB encourages PhD students to get involved in the life of the institution: participation in the Conseil de Laboratoire or the Committees for Recruitment and Awarding Scholarships, participation in team-leading working groups or in organising scientific and cultural events.

The CMB regularly publishes invitations for applications concerning funding or scholarships for long-term and medium-term PhDs. It is working at developing doctoral project funding and moreover supports developing scientific dossiers as well as applications for funding PhD students from third-party French or German institutions.