Yoann Moranville DARIAH - Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/Softwareentwickler im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes „Humanities at Scale“

Aufenthaltszeitraum : vom 01.05.2017 bis 31.08.2019

After studying IT sciences in different universities in Grenoble (France), Helsinki (Finland) and Lyon (France), Yoann went on to work for The European Library, an European Commission founded project in The Hague (The Netherlands) for a couple of years. After that he continued working as a Java developer for other EC projects, APEnet and APEx (creators of Archives Portal Europe), while being hired by the Archives Nationales de France for about 6 years. A short stop to develop for a France based company specialised in Archival solutions, he then integrated the DARIAH team within the CMB.