Just Housing in Europe

November 21 | 09:00

The Just Housing in Europe Conference seeks to bring together philosophers, social scientists, policy makers, and other stakeholders to collaboratively explore solutions to housing challenges in Europe. This interdisciplinary event will provide a platform for exchanging ideas and research findings related to just housing. Through panel and small group discussions participants will engage in a dialogue to establish a common understanding of the principles of housing justice and identify the current knowledge and gaps in improving housing justice. Topics include:


  • Does Europe face a housing crisis?

  • What makes a housing market “just”?

  • What, if anything, makes gentrification wrong?

  • Which policy measures would improve justice in housing?

The conference is organized by Dr. Marco Meyer’s research group “Culpable Ignorance, Moral Knowledge in Organizations” at the University of Hamburg, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, and the Centre Marc Bloch. It is financed by the Ideas and Risk Fund at the University of Hamburg. 


University of Hamburg


Volkswagen Foundation


Here is the preliminary agenda for the conference.


Georg-Simmel-Saal & Germaine-Tillion-Saal