Alejandro Valdivia | Associate Postgraduate

Mobilities, Migrations, Reconfiguration of Spaces
Centre Marc Bloch, Friedrichstraße 191, D-10117 Berlin
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Alejandro Valdivia is a sociologist in international relations with a transnational academic biography in different languages and education systems. His research focuses on the EU, migration, and access to social rights, especially to health and labour. Cross-cutting themes of his research are ethics and gender. As a research associate and PhD candidate at the European University of Flensburg (ICES) and at the Humboldt University of Berlin (CMB), he works on a project on access to social rights for women and migrants in France and Germany. Alejandro is also involved in the European University Alliance Circle U. As such, he is a guest researcher at the University of Oslo (Norway), where he is doing research on global health narratives of responsibility and empowerment together with professors from the University of Pisa (Italy), the UCLouvain (Belgium), and the University Paris Cité (France). Within the Circle U., he has also acquired a PhD-project on occupational health and social iniquities in the EU. Alejandro's PhD deals with the representation of precarious workers in slaughterhouses in Germany, where he examines the interaction between labour unions and political parties. Alejandro holds a M.A. in International Relations with majors in International Law and International Politics from the TU Dresden in Germany (in German and English), a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Strasbourg in France (in French) as well as a Diploma in Classical Humanities from the Jesuit University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya in Peru (in Spanish).

Title of thesis
Occupational Health Advocacy in German Slaughterhouses: Political Knowledge Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Prof. Dr. Anna Katharina Mangold, LL.M. (Cambridge)

Access to Social Rights in Germany and France - Inequalities and discrimination, gender and migration in the jeux d'échelles of Europe (Access+)

The project investigates Europeanization processes that influence the conditions of access to social rights in Germany and France and thereby change the combination of political repertoires of action in terms of compensating for social inequalities and fighting discrimination. Our analytical framework is based on the concept of social citizenship, by which we mean (i) a narrative about social cohesion, (ii) the relationship between individual participation, social security and status norms, and (iii) a territorially constituted political order.