Laure Barbot | European Project Officer

Former Member
Centre Marc Bloch, Friedrichstraße 191, D-10117 Berlin
Email: laure.barbot  ( at ) Tel: +49(0) 30 / 20 93 70700

Position : European Project Officer |


After studying French and German philosophies in the Erasmus Mundus Master programme Europhilosophie (University of Toulouse, UCLouvain and Charles University of Prague), Laure obtained a Master degree in Political Sciences from the Toulouse Institute of Political Studies. She first worked at the University of Toulouse as a European Project Manager for the Europhilosophie consortium, before joining the CNRS to manage European fundings for the Côte d'Azur regional office. In 2015, she became general secretary of the Social Sciences and Humanities Centres Network, a French research infrastructure.

Since January 2019, she is in a leave of absence from the CNRS and ensures the coordination of activities led by DARIAH within the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) project.