Andreas Mayer and Catherine König - Translating in the Human Sciences: a World Perspective

29. Juni | 09:30

Dynamiken und Erfahrungen der Globalisierung

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Andreas Mayer
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Thursday 29 June

09:30 Coffee and Welcome

10:00-10:30 Catherine König-Pralong / Andreas Mayer: Introduction

Morning Session. Chair: Catherine König-Pralong (CAK, EHESS)

10:30-11:30 Margaritha Trento (CESAH, EHESS) New Śaiva monasteries in the Tamil country (16th century): Translation, religion, and the making of the region

11:30 -12:30 Marc Aymes (CETOBAC, CNRS/EHESS) Ottoman Translation Lab

12:30-14:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session. Chair: Andreas Mayer (CMB, CNRS)

14:30-15:30 Efrain Kristal (UCLA) Evaluating Translations in Light of Quine’s Views on their Indeterminacy

15:30-16:30 Martin Strauss (Univ. Graz) From Sticks to Fields: Sociologizing the A Priori as a Process of Translation


19:00 Evening lecture by Carlo Ginzburg: Tradurre l’ambiguità. Appunti sulla ricezione di Gen. 3: 22

(In Italian, simulataneous translation into German, to be held at Istituto di Cultura Italiana, Hildebrandstraße 2, 10785 Berlin, Registration is necessary)

20:30 Reception at Istituto di Cultura Italiana


Friday 30 June 2023

Morning Sesssion. Chair : Efrain Kristal (UCLA)

09:30-10:30 Alessando Stanziani (CRH, EHESS) Can political economy be translated?

10:30-11:30 Catherine König-Pralong (CAK, EHESS) J.N.B. Hewitt: Translating the Languages and Philosophy of the Iroquois


11:45-12:45 Andreas Mayer (CMB, CNRS) Ambivalence in Translation? Notes on the Psychoanalytic Case

13:00 End of Conference



Centre Marc Bloch
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