Déirdre Kelly: Tracery

26. Mai | 14:00

Mobilität, Migration und räumliche Neuordnung

Ein Seminar der Arbeitsgruppe für Kunst und Forschung am CMB

Between the tides

From Déirdre Kelly’s ongoing dialogue with the symbolic language of maps and the aesthetics of cartography, impossible landscapes, routes and directions emerge.

In her artistic practice Kelly plays with the aesthetics of cartography to create personalised maps, using a combination of mixed-media images, collage and artists’ books that re-purpose data from various found sources in order to construct new visual and metaphorical narratives. She is drawn to the intrinsic beauty of the map, particularly the map of Venice, as a primary source of beauty, inspiration, and education, and a process which she refers to as 'Becoming Venetian'.

‘For me, Venice represents the closest distance between the real and the imagined’.

(auf Englisch, Diskussionsbeiträge auf Deutsch möglich)


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