Laetitia Gauvin: The use of digital traces to study human mobility

31. Januar | 17:00

Seminar series in Computational Social Science (CSS) – at Centre Marc Bloch Berlin 

Laetitia Gauvin (ISI Foundation, Turin): The use of digital traces to study human mobility

The use of digital traces can provide a wealth of information about human mobility, which can be used to understand patterns of movement in different contexts. Here I will present two studies on how socio-economic inequalities and gender shape mobility patterns by using mobile phone data. In the first one we will see how mobility is gendered in Santiago, Chile. In the second case, we will look at the socioeconomic drivers of mobility during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. Finally I will present a study where we quantify the phenomenon of pandemic fatigue through the analysis of mobility indicators publicly available.

Program of the seminar:



Friedrichstraße 191