Sound, Text, and Context: Artistic and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Aurality

15. Februar | 09:30

Dynamiken und Erfahrungen der Globalisierung

The workshop closely engages with multiple and multidirectional relations between sound, text, and context from an interdisciplinary perspective. Bringing together perspectives from cultural history, sound studies, philosophy, history of science, anthropology, geography, sociology, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, cinema, musicology, the meeting offers an exchange between arts and sciences and a combined artistic and scientific approach to aurality.

Organized by Nazan Maksudyan (CMB/FU Berlin), Julio Velasco (CMB), Louis Petitjean (P1, UniBo), Sarah Kiani (CMB/Unine), Nikola Tietze (CMB/Cnam)


Nazan Maksudyan
maksudyan  ( at )  cmb.hu-berlin.de


In cooperation with the RF 2


Centre Marc Bloch
Friedrichstrasse 191
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