Mobilities, Migrations, Reconfiguration of Spaces

The working group on scales focuses on levels and scales from

different social science disciplines (including geography, political

science, sociology, and history).

Firstly, the group deals with scales as a research perspective (macro, meso, micro) and discusses questions such as

  • How do multi-scalar perspectives contribute to the understanding of research objects?
  • How can these different scales be combined?
  • How can we cope with theoretical gaps and divergences between fields of literature that each focus solely on one scale?
  • Which methodological difficulties do we encounter when adopting multi-scalar perspectives - and how can we overcome them?

Secondly, the group approaches scales/levels as vertically differentiated and socially constructed spaces (Swyngedouw, 1997, p. 140), for example the national or cantonal scale. The researchers in the group thus investigate how scales are produced, contested, and renegotiated or what role these processes can play in other social phenomena, such as activism, attempts to transfer norms or the implementation of European policies.