Measures of Climate Protection

The Marc Bloch Centre fully recognises the urgency of the climate crisis, which has been confirmed by the IPCC, by numerous objectives shared by the German and French governments, and by most of the world's scientific community. In order to respond to this urgency, the Centre actively seeks to positively contribute to the managing the climate crisis by reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions.

To encourage decision-making, a working group on climate protection was set up at the Centre in 2022. The "AG Klimaschutz" or "Climate Protection AG" is an advisory body of the Marc Bloch Centre focusing on issues of sustainable development and the fight against climate change within the Centre. It is a forum of exchange open to all members of the Centre, regardless of their status. Meetings are generally held every month, while the meeting agendas are set according to suggestions from Centre members. Transcripts of the meetings are available on the Intranet. The AG can issue recommendations and inform the Institute's Board of items it would like to see on the Board's agenda.

To date, the following measures have been initiated by the Climate Protection AG and then confirmed by the Institute Council, following approval by the CMB management:

-Marc Bloch Centre guidelines for travel by CMB members.

-Note on all CMB invitations to external guests/lecturers from other European countries, asking them to avoid taking the plane as much as possible and to choose the train.

-Staggered reimbursement ceilings for rail and air travel within Europe. Domestic flights are not reimbursed, overseas flights only under certain conditions.

-Guidelines for catering at CMB events (in principle vegetarian or vegan)