Dynamics and Experiences of Globalisation

Responsible: Nazan Maksudyan, Andreas Mayer, Romain Tiquet

Co-organization: Laure Piguet

The goal of the research axe consists in identifying and examining phenomena of the "Global" past and present. The research is fundamentally based on a twofold strategy: first, to study the multiple and complex processes of networking and circulation on a global scale, while, second, to articulate a critical reflexion upon the meaning of these processes as new standards for experiences and concepts, that influence forms of life, theoretical frameworks and epistemic objects.


The research focus "Dynamics and Experiences of Globalization" aims to question the theoretical and empirical-practical foundations of our frameworks of thought on the processes of connectivity on a global scale and to develop a critical conceptual apparatus to understand "globalization" and its dynamics. 


Our primary geographical areas of research are Europe in its global relations, as well as Africa and the Mediterranean region. In dialogue with different theoretical approaches (primarily from global history, connected history, microhistory, history of ideas, history of science, postcolonial studies), the research focus engages with the investigation of relevant empirical research fields in an interdisciplinary exchange. The aim is to link three thematic levels: first, a reflection on the possibilities and conditions of a critique of the notion of universalism; second, epistemological questions related to the multiple and sometimes contradictory experiences of global or transnational processes; and third, an analysis of profound distortions and power relations resulting from (post)imperial and (post)colonial structures. To do so, we pay particular attention to instruments of knowledge, technology, and their circulation.